Who doesn’t love a hottie who can prepare you a delicious meal? Easy on the eyes and easy on the stomach.

Pham, the winner of 2011 Food & Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef and three-time James Beard Foundation semifinalist, is the owner of the restaurant Forage in Salt Lake City and will soon launch a new restaurant ember + ash. Random trivia: he’s also the consulting chef at Beer Bar, a Salt Lake City bar co-owned by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell, who remembers eating at Forage and called it one of the best meals he’d ever had.

Pham is also a Food Network regular, making appearances on Food Network Star and Extreme Chef. But he might be best known for defeating Bobby Flay on the cooking competition Iron Chef America: Battle Ground Meat. Pham prepared created dishes such as soft-scrambled egg with sausage served inside an egg shell; lamb sausage and a riff on beef borscht; prawns and halibut soaked in hamburger-infused whey; and the surprisingly tasty beef fat ice cream with cherries — just try not to drool thinking about it.


As a master chef,
Tell us the ingredients
That make a hot man.

One part passion, one
Part finesse, great sneaker game,
And must add fish sauce!

Hotter: Iron Chef
Win, or your own reflection
In the frying pan?

Iron Chef, because
My proud parents were watching
From the stadium.

What would you cook if
Taking on the ultimate
Seduction challenge?

Catch fish and rabbit
Roast over fire I make with
Wood I chop myself.

Photo by Cedric Angeles

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