The Team

When Ada was a little girl, she dreamed of being a journalist that would have all her writing overshadowed by hot photos of shirtless Asian American men. As an adult, she has seen considerable empirical evidence on Twitter—from fire emojis to OMG reaction gifs—that shows that these Haiku Hotties do make the world a happier place.

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When Ada first shared her idea for Haikus With Hotties in 2013, Mai knew it would be amazing. Mai helped with promoting the calendar when it first debuted in 2016 and joined as a co-producer in 2017. Sharing hot Asian men with the world is one of her greatest life purposes, so she’s not sure how she lived up until 2016.

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When Mai asked Amanda to join her on a “fun project,” Amanda took a leap of faith and accepted her proposition. Amanda was tasked with designing the calendars and the Haikus With Hotties website, which comes with the privilege of having to look at photos of hot Asian men for countless hours. She hopes that you too, can enjoy this luxury.




When Amanda first showed Elizabeth her technique for writing haikus on the abs of hotties for Haikus on Hotties, “Liz” was impressed with the calendar’s creative direction. Liz has the task of marketing the calendar, and educating the Instagram community on the hotties career success and gym time.

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Producers: Ada Tseng, Mai Nguyen

Design: Amanda Lui

Marketing: Elizabeth Lui

Photography: Nicholas Sutjongdro, Feng, Will Alicea, Pavithra Meera Ramasubramanian, Clay Larson, Tow-Arboleda Films, An Rong Xu, Conroe Brooks, Bret Hartman, Marilyn Hue

Kickstarter video: Jenny Li, Ray Wong, Mai Nguyen

Thanks: Michael Tow, Teja Arboleda, Andy Apuy, Phil Yu, #AsianThirstClub, Ada Trinh, Manny Shih, Jon Wong, Kody Klein, Jes Vu, Howard Ho, Jenny Li, Ray Wong, Simu Liu, Mike Bow, Jake Choi, Marvin Yueh, Matthew Salazar, and our awesome Kickstarter supporters!





Producers: Ada Tseng, Mai Nguyen

Design: Amanda Lui

Photography: Michael Blank, Nicholas Sutjongdro, Lina Khatib, An Rong Xu, Bobby Vu, Yash Dillon, Hoyin Siu, Leo Cabal

Kickstarter video: Bethany Struble

Thanks: Phil Yu, Bethany Struble, Apartment 210, Marvin Yueh, Reera Yoo, Pauline Yang, Ronnie Woo, Michael Bow, Dan Matthews, Kenta Seki, Minji Chang, Visual Communications, Pat Nguyen, Jenny Yang, Taz Ahmed, Tanuj Chopra, Leo Wu, #AsianConvening, and our awesome Kickstarter supporters!





Producers: Ada Tseng, Mai Nguyen

Design: Amanda Lui

Photography: An Rong Xu, Craig Stubing, Jeffery Andre, Leo Wu, Melly Lee, Rikki Ronae

Kickstarter video: Arianna Caramat

Thanks: Reera Yoo, Dorothy Xiao, Julie Ha, Junko Goda, Lee Ann Kim, Marvin Yueh, Christine Minji Chang, NaRhee Ahn, Pauline Yang, and our awesome Kickstarter supporters!





Editors: Ada Tseng, Anna M. Park, Julie Ha

Design: Grace Talice Lee

Photography: Craig Stubing, Lane Dorsey, Katy Porter, Tim Chiou, Cedric Angeles, Sean Frazen, Jetstar Entertainment

Kickstarter video: Arianna Caramat, Se Yeon Kim, Ada Tseng

Thanks: Anna M. Park, Kanara Ty, Brian Hu, Ethel Navales, Arianna Caramat, Reera Yoo, Audrey Ryu, Pauline Yang, Jianne Lasaten, Jessica Kwen, Mai Nguyen, Julie Ha, James Ryu, Sarah Kinsumba, Karen Park, Jessica Chu, Anne Lee, James S. Kim, Martin Chung, Andrew Ooi, Angela Mach, Sarina Chiu, Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, and our awesome Kickstarter supporters!