Who: Jake Choi

Month: December 2017

Hottie Bio: Actor Jake Choi (Front Cover, Younger) has always been outspoken about the need for diversity in Hollywood, and he’s determined to combat stereotypes about Asian American men, one half-naked photo at a time. Also yes, this naughty elf stole the cookies from Santa and no, he doesn’t feel bad about it.

More: Jake Choi is a Korean American actor, born and raised in Elmhurst, Queens, New York. He’s been acting and modeling around the country since 2011, working in various plays, TV shows, feature films, and national commercials.

Salon interview: “Asian men in media are so desexualized”: Rising star Jake Choi fights the Hollywood odds against Asian American actors

Twitter @thejakechoi, Instagram @thejakechoi


Photo: Craig Stubing

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