Who: Yoshi and Peter Sudarso

Month: Cover 2019

Hottie Bio: Our forever favorites who have been with us since the beginning. Always down to frolic in icy cold water with floaties, get splattered with paint, or recreate a silly half-naked Vanity Fair cover shoot, Yoshi and Peter Sudarso are already superstars in our hearts. This year, they’re sharing part of their souls by sporting Indonesian batik shirts. Please look out for Yoshi in “Buffalo Boys,” Singapore’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, when it comes to US theaters Jan 2019.Watch Peter Sudarso in “Power Rangers Ninja Steel” and “Power Rangers Hyper Force.” And look out for updates on “The Paper Tigers,” which they’re both starring in. We couldn’t be prouder of them!

Yoshi Sudarso: Twitter @yoshi_sudarso, Instagram @yoshi_sudarso
Peter Sudarso: @petersadrian, Instagram @petersadrian


Haiku: Ada Tseng—Entertainment Editor of TimesOC, host of the Saturday School podcast and Mischief Maker behind Haikus With Hotties. @adatseng88


Photo: Nicholas Sutjongdro

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