Who: Maaz Ali

Month: May 2019

Hottie Bio: In Tesla Boy’s music video “Circles,” they begin by masking Maaz Ali’s good looks by having him play a character with prosthetics and overgrown hair. But, in art and in life, Maaz’s hotness—and dance moves—cannot be contained. And thank goodness. You may recognize Maaz from his roles in “Just One Night” and “Unfair & Ugly,” and he’s also proud of his work in viral videos combating Islamophobia.

Twitter @maazyali, Instagram @maazyali


Haiku: Taz Ahmed plays at the intersections of pop and politics through a variety of mediums and actions. Motivated by her Bangladeshi and Muslim upbringing in Southern California, she started her career as an activist by creating a political voice for those most marginalized in the backlash of September 11th. In 2004, she founded South Asian American Voting Youth (SAAVY), a national organization that organizes South Asian American youth to have a political voice and get involved in the electoral process. @tazzystar


Photo: Pavithra Meera Ramasubramanian

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